SkyTeam shows flooding along Ohio River

    SkyTeam drone shows flooding in Pomeroy, Ohio. (WCHS/WVAH)

    The village of Pomeroy in Meigs County. Ohio, sits along the rising Ohio River.

    We were able to give Eyewitness News viewers an aerial perspective with our exclusive SkyTeam drone.

    From the angle provided from the air, you can see how tucked away the business and shopping area is between the hills and the river - with no place for the water to go, but up.

    The popular gazebos lining the waterfront all were submerged almost to their roofs.

    You can see the store fronts on Main Street, overtaken with the high water and how it creeps up between the buildings. On some side streets, you can see vehicles parked within feet of the high water line.

    The SkyTeam drone also gives you the best perspective into how fast the water was moving and all the debris floating by.

    Our SkyTeam on the ground also sent the drone up in the air over Point Pleasant, the county seat of Mason County. You can even see our crews at their safe location.

    Here, some of the flood walls were activated, with the Ohio River was rising. High water also covered parts of Route 2, and left some houses surrounded by water.

    The emergency services director said this will be in the top 20 crests of the Ohio River in Point Pleasant's history.

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