Threat For Flooding Thursday Into Friday in Eastern WV


We had a fairly calm, albeit dreary and cool first day of August across the area with only light to moderate rain. Storms were kept to a minimum thanks to a thick cloud deck which kept temperatures mostly in the lower to middle 70s. Unfortunately Thursday may be more active...and it may get off to a bumpy start at the get-go for our morning commute.

An extensive pipeline of moisture all the way to the Gulf of Mexico is lifting north. While the rain over us is fairly light just before midnight....farther south in North Carolina and Georgia it's much heavier thanks to a jetstream disturbance. That system will lift across Southern Virginia and West Virginia expect rain to intensify near and especially east of I-77 in the pre-dawn hours. That could spell a rough commute for the eastern half of the Viewing area Thursday morning....while farther west near the Ohio River it may be fairly dry with just some clouds.

That west-east split will be a theme tomorrow....with that first round of heavy rain exiting later in the morning but another returning either late in the afternoon or evening. Once again the heaviest, steadiest rain will slide across southern and eastern West Virginia. Farther west it won't be completely dry and some scattered showers and storms pop up...but there should be a lot more dry time than there is in eastern WV. Temperatures will show quite a spread with areas west of Huntington warming into the 80s while the higher terrain of West Virginia likely holds around 65 to 70.

More heavy rain is likely in the east Thursday night and again into the first part of Friday. We should finally see things tapering down later in the afternoon and evening in most locations. However, rainfall totals east of Charleston may reach 2 to as much as 4" from tonight into late Friday. That would lead to flash flooding of streams and creeks initially...but could eventually lead to strong river rises in some of those eastern counties. See the list above for some of the rivers you should especially pay attention to over the coming days.

If you're planning to camp near or east of US 19 over the next few days, try to find a spot away from any streams/creeks/rivers...given the potential for some of them to rise quickly. Flash flooding in campgrounds can be very dangerous, especially if it occurs at night.

Fortunately the weather will be drier this weekend as a persistent trough finally weakens and moves off to the northeast. Some isolated storms may still develop, especially Saturday afternoon...but overall I expect more sunshine and fewer showers than what we've had for much of this week.

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