Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Looking Pretty Good Weather-wise


Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means many folks will be hitting the roads or the airways over the next 48 hours, perhaps more-so this year than in recent holidays. Fortunately the weather is looking fairly calm overall for most of the country...especially in our neck of the woods. We started our Tuesday off cold and frosty with lowland spots in the 20s...but a gusty southwest wind kicking up today will push temperatures to around 60 degrees this afternoon. A cold front will arrive tonight but it has very limited moisture. Most of us will be dry tonight and not as cold as temperatures fall into the 40s and then 30s late. A few light rain showers will develop in eastern West Virginia...and these will change to some snowflakes by dawn. This may dust the ground in the higher elevations of West Virginia but I think major roads and interstates will be ok.

Low clouds and mountain flurries will dissipate as we head into the afternoon Wednesday. It will be a lot colder though with temperatures only maxing out in the lower 40s. A coastal system will be bringing some morning rain to the I-95 corridor from New York City to Boston but that moisture should move off the coast by afternoon. Some lake effect snow showers will cause some slippery travel in parts of Upstate New York but that's about the only wintry weather to worry about in the eastern half of the country. Some showers will sneak across Florida and Georgia with a low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico, so it will be a bit damp down there late tomorrow. Most of the Central U.S. looks dry and fact temperatures around Norman, Oklahoma should be around 65 to 70 late this weekend and weekend for the WVU game.

The biggest weather trouble for the lower 48 will be in Oregon and Washington where a big coastal system will bring several days of heavy rain and mountain snows that could result in significant flooding. If you're heading to Portland or Seattle you'll want to keep an eye on possible flight delays.

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