More Heat & Humidity In The Coming Days But More Storms Too


Charleston reached a high of 94 this afternoon. The hottest temperature over the course of the entire Summer of 2017 was only 93. And we're not even officially into the start of Summer yet (it begins Thursday)! And it wasn't just the air temperature...muggy air made the "feels-like" temperature reach 100+ degrees in many valley locations.

One thing we didn't see this afternoon/evening were storms. The atmosphere was "capped" (i.e. stable) and there were no fronts nearby to force the air to rise. That will change Tuesday as a slow moving west to east oriented front moves in from the north. We'll start Tuesday in the muggy 70s and quickly climb to 90+ degrees by early afternoon. Combined with that muggy air it will once again feel like 100 least briefly. You'll notice a lot more cloud development versus today...and those clouds will grow tall enough by early to mid-afternoon to produce some pretty hefty thunderstorms. Dewpoints will be at a sweltering 70+ so there 's a lot of instability for these storms to work with. When we have that kind of juice, we usually expect these storms to produce a lot of lightning (as Sunday's storms did). In addition, pockets of strong wind gusts appear likely along with torrential rain which could lead to localized high water. Once the storms fire up they'll drop temperatures into the 70s for a lot of areas so I don't think the heat will last as long as today.

Things may settle down for a time Tuesday night into Wednesday morning but they'll ramp up again Wednesday afternoon and evening with that front nearby and a disturbance tracking east along it. That means another round of potential severe weather during the second half of Wednesday.

The front will settle a bit further south but then stall before lifting north as a warm front by Thursday and Friday. I think the humidity will ease a bit along with the temperature. It won't be "cool" but it will be less oppressive than today and tomorrow are. However, more storms are likely to develop at times...and with a low pressure system scooting by to our northwest by Friday and Saturday the chance for more passing storms will be in the mix into the weekend. Saturday's storms are likely quick movers so they'll only briefly interrupt events....but they have some wind energy to tap into so they could be severe even though of short-duration. More storms are likely late Sunday...then we may finally get a chance to push this boundary south sometime early next week....but it's a pretty unsettled, touch and go forecast for the next 7 days around here.

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