Harvey Continues To Hammer Texas...May Bring Rain To Us For Labor Day Weekend


Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday night as the first category 4 hurricane in 13 years...but it's the rainfall from this system that it will end up being remembered for. The computer models strongly suggested the storm would stall in Texas over the weekend and it did just that, producing incredible rainfall totals. Usually hurricanes last 24 hours or less for any given area (some can last just a couple of hours!) but Harvey will be centered near Texas for a duration of about 6 days...and right now it's only halfway there. Already over 24" of rain has fallen....and much of that was centered right over the Houston metropolitan area which is surrounded by bayous. Water levels are already reaching record levels in many locations....and the rain continues to fall.

While the storm will loop around for the next 24-48 appears now that it will eventually get picked up by a trough long about Wednesday. That will lift the center of circulation up toward the Tennessee Valley by late Friday and Saturday. The models differ on exactly how quickly the system moves, and exactly where it tracks...and those factors will determine how our Labor Day weekend shapes up. However, as of now it appears there's a good chance for showers and storms both Saturday and Sunday around here. We wouldn't get the severe rains they are having down south but some downpours are possible at times this weekend so if you have outdoor plans you may need to have a backup. Again, we should be able to fine tune the details as we get closer.

Another semi-tropical system is off the east coast of Florida right now. This may become Tropical Storm Irma but won't get very strong. What it will do is skirt the South and North Carolina coast with heavy rain, gusty winds and surf today into early Wednesday. Then it will get picked up by the jetstream and whisked east away from the coast. However, the South and North Carolina beaches may have more rain chances this weekend not from Irma but from the remnants of Harvey so, like here, it's a touchy forecast for the unofficial end of Summer.

Right now it seems the better rain chance will remain south of D.C. Sunday for the Mountaineer game but that's also something we're watching as the college football season gets underway and a lot of fans make a trek east across the Appalachians this weekend.

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