Conflicting groundhog forecasts for the rest of Winter


    It's Groundhog Day and a trio of the furry critters gave a conflicting account of how the rest of Winter will shape up.

    The most well-known...Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania was pulled out of his hole at sunrise and didn't see his shadow, forecasting an early Spring. This was only the 19th time in 133 years Phil didn't see his shadow and predicted an early start to the subsequent season.

    Up in Ohio Buckeye Chuck gave a similar prognositication, failing to see his shadow.

    Meanwhile, West Virginia's groundhog French Creek Freddie took the contrarian view. Perhaps it was the 6 inches of snow on the ground and 20-degree temperatures at the Wildlife Center in Upshur County this morning...but Freddie did see his shadow and is forecasting 6 more weeks of Winter.

    The more obscure GroundDoug gave his prediction Friday and seemed to take a middle route between the competing groundhogs. He sees a warmer than normal first half of February with above normal rainfall...but feels there are signals toward a colder second half of February that could last into early March.

    Time will tell...

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