Coldest Night Since March Coming Up


A cold front moved through this morning and temperatures fell below freezing in many locations by sunrise. That in itself isn't too remarkable for this time of year. What's unusual is that temperatures will likely remain in the 30s for the rest of the day. In spite of some sunshine temperatures will likely fail to reach 40 in many spots...and even if it does a northerly breeze will make it feel more like 30 to 35 degrees this afternoon.

With high pressure centered to our north tonight, remaining clouds will break up by this evening, setting us up for a quick temperature drop. We'll fall to 32 degrees by kickoff for High School Playoff games. By the 4th quarter many areas will be in the upper 20s. Overnight we'll tumble down to around 21 degrees in the valleys, with sheltered spots falling into the upper teens. This is easily the coldest night we've had this Fall..and will end up as the coldest since March 17 when we hit a low of 20.

One concern is the possibility of some river fog developing late. With cold air overtop of milder river waters, some fog may form late tonight into Saturday morning. Fog is made up of tiny droplets, and if it's thick enough those droplets can start to accumulate on surfaces, dampening them. With a temperature near 20, anything wet will turn to ice if it's not treated. If you have fog early Saturday, be aware that it could be icy on some roads, especially elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses. Outside of the river fog lots of sunshine will try to thaw us out for Veterans Day but it will be a slow process. We'll still be around freezing (32) at 10 A.M. when many area Veterans Day parades kick off, including in Charleston, Huntington and Ripley. By afternoon we'll recover to around 50...before dropping through the 40s and 30s for Saturday evening. Dress warmly for the 6:30 p.m. kickoff Herd fans!

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