Nick Patrick Reporter/Meteorologist

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Hello everyone! I was raised in central Illinois and attended college at Eastern Illinois University. That's where I found my passion for news and weather, working at WEIU-TV, the on campus station that did live nightly newscasts PBS. This gave me a sense for what the industry and is where I got my first taste of severe weather coverage. I was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in geography and atmospheric science while gaining practical broadcast experience.

My first job took me to the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I was the fill in meteorologist and reporter. Severe weather in the winter there usually meant tornadoes and thunderstorms. The heat and the humidity in the summer is something I won't miss!

I joined Eyewitness News in October of 2015 as a reporter and fill in meteorologist. It's a huge change living around the mountains after dealing with the open spaces of the Midwest and Deep South. I love the unique landscapes and challenges that West Virginia has to offer when it comes to forecasting the weather.

In my free time I have been exploring the parks and surrounding areas. If you ask anyone in the news room they can vouch for how excited I can get when it comes to watching sports. Before moving to Mississippi I was already a New Orleans Saints fan and that has only grown. For college I will always be a diehard University of Illinois fan. I will enjoy getting to know more people in the mountain state. Never hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter and Facebook, or email me at