Josh Lewis Sports Anchor/Reporter

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Hi there!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be here at WCHS/WVAH! To cover sports for a living has to be one of the greatest jobs in the world. Like every other kid growing up, I wanted to be a pro football or baseball player. You know, the next Bo Jackson. But I soon found out I wasn't big enough, strong enough or fast enough. You don't have to be Mel Kiper, Jr. to figure out that's not your meal-ticket. So what's the next best thing? Without question-- what I do now.

I love West Virginia and now consider it my home, but I am not a native of the Mountain State. The frozen tundra known as Minnesota is where I am from. Prior to moving to West Virginia, I worked in Minneapolis as a production assistant at WCCO TV. I am a big Vikings fan, as well as every other Minnesota sports team, and part of my duties included covering Vikings practices. The first person I'd ever met from West Virginia was the Valley's very own, Randy Moss.

I came to West Virginia in the fall of 2000. My first on-air TV job came at WVVA TV in Bluefield where I served as the Sports Director for two years. The primary objective at WVVA in Southern West Virginia is the same as the number goal here at TV 8 in Charleston-- LOCAL SPORTS. It's hard to pick a favorite time of the year. March is great-- I love tournament time.. but fall is also a wonderful time of the year with the high school football and college football seasons starting.

What I also love about my job is all the great people I get to meet. I am truly blessed to have been introduced to some of the folks in this state the past few years. I also love getting feedback, so drop me a line at if there's something on your mind!! Take Care!