Frequently Asked Questions

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    How can I purchase all or part of a WCHS-TV8 newscast?
    Sorry but we can't provide copies of stories or newscasts for legal reasons. We require a subpoena of our news material for it to leave WCHS/WVAH. There are companies in our area that routinely record all local station newscasts and sell "dubs" of the material. One such company is "Ad-Mix" in Charleston at 304-744-0022. There are other companies too. A tip to save you some money: once a big local story gets into the news cycle, it frequently runs on FOX 11 News at 10 or Eyewitness News at 11pm. If the story breaks at night, it will frequently be repeated on the following morning's Good Morning West Virginia at 5:00 AM on WCHS.

    I'd love to work as a reporter or photographer. Where can I apply for a job?
    Check the JOBS section of our corporate website. The list of currently open jobs is updated frequently. Each job opening has specific requirements and contact information listed with the job.

    Our organization is having an event. How can I get news coverage of it?
    E-mail us at; call us at 304-345-4115; mail us at WCHS-TV News, 1301 Piedmont Road, Charleston, WV 25301. You can also fax us at 304-345-1849.

    I'm a student and want to be an intern at your station. Who do I contact?
    Please use the Jobs @ TV8 & FOX11 link to apply on-line for an Intern position. If your background/interests match what we are looking for, you will be contacted for an interview. An internship is an ideal way to get a job in the industry as well as to receive academic credit.

    How can I send email to a reporter or anchor directly?
    In the Newsroom section of this website, you will find a link to Personality Profiles for all reporters and anchors. Their direct email address is listed along with their biography information. If you have a question or comment about a news story, we encourage you to email the reporter directly.


    Where can I get more information about my favorite show?
    As a local TV station, we do not maintain program information on the shows we carry as an ABC Affiliate or syndicated programs we lease. Your best bet is to try a Google or Bing search for the name of the program. There are a number of excellent TV databases on the web.

    There was a special program on and I missed it. Can I get a tape of the show?
    With very few exceptions, video tapes of programs are not available. ABC programs are owned by the production company. Our agreement with ABC only allows us to broadcast the program. We do not record ABC program nor can we offer videotape copies of the programs to the public. Likewise with syndicated programming. The owner of the program is the production company. Our purchase of the program only grants us the right to broadcast the show not distribute videotapes.

    Some made for television movies and mini-series come out on videotape six months to a year after broadcast. You should check with your local video store for rental or purchase availability.


    Where can I find employment opportunities at WCHS-TV8?
    Employment opportunities can be found as part of our Jobs area, located on left navigation menu on the home page and other pages.

    Why is there so much empty space on the right side of the screen? or Why is the screen cut off?
    WCHS-TV8 Online is best viewed at a screen resolution of at least 1024 pixels wide. To change your screen display for Windows operating systems, right-click your mouse while holding the cursor over the desktop. From the pop-up menu, select Properties. Choose the Settings tab in the Display Properties window. Under Screen Area, change the setting until it reads at least 1024 by 768 pixels. This is the standard viewing size for many sites on the Internet.

    Why do I keep getting asked to accept 'cookies'?
    WCHS-TV8 does not employ cookies on its web site. WCHS-TV8 does not have any plans to use cookies on its web site for the near future. Some of the advertising banners and buttons may place a cookie on your computer to keep track of your preferences. Cookies are harmless to your computer and can only be retrieved by the web site that placed the cookie there. Cookies cannot take your personal information out of your computer and give it to anyone. Usually, cookies are designed to make a site easier for you to use or to present information that is closer to your tastes. We recommend you accept cookies as an enhancement to your browser for all sites. The WCHS-TV8 web site will work fine whether you accept cookies or not.

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