Goins continuing to shine at high school level

Goins continuing to shine at high school level

There's not a lot Baylee Goins can't do on the basketball court.

As a freshman, she was named to the state’s first-team all-state list, averaging just over 20 points a game.

Now a sophomore, she’s hoping to continue getting better at both ends of the court.

"This year I’ve been focusing on blocks and making bigger plays on defense,” Goins said.

When asked about the pressure of being one of the top players in the state, she said it didn’t feel new. To her, basketball has always come easy.

“I remember the first game, I played I scored 20. I was in kindergarten,” Goins joked.

Goins’ name is growing among the class of 2021. She's already received offers from Marshall and UNC Charlotte.

West Virginia coach Mike Carey has also reached out to the young guard.

For Nitro head man Pat Jones, the question is, how do you coach a player like her?

“That’s the hard part. She’s got the green light, so we don’t say, ‘don’t do this, don’t do that.’ At any given point, when she sees something that could work, she does it,” Jones said.

Goins isn’t only a star in high school gyms. She’s a top-notch AAU player, too.

“She plays for the Thunder, a great AAU program. Knowing that she’s with them in the summer, it makes it easy because I don’t have to worry about where she is. I know she’s in the gym just about every day or playing on the weekends,” Jones said.

The future is bright for this young Wildcat. But, it’s the bright lights of high school basketball that Goins is focused on now.

“I just want to be good and set records and be as good as I can get,” Goins said.

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