North-South Classic: Burgess represents Buffalo on South roster

Ethan Burgess is using this week's North-South Classic to ready himself for the next level at Glenville.

Even though Ethan Burgess will be slinging passes and tackling opponents Saturday in the Classic, he's already focusing on what's next.

The Buffalo High School alum is heading the Glenville State to play football in the Fall, and being a part of the Classic is just an opportunity to meet some new teammates.

"It's a great privilege. I'm meeting people who're going to Glenville, and I can get a little chemistry with them. It's the thing about being an in-state recruit you recognize people and build a relationship with them and get to know them better," Burgess said.

Burgess heads to Glenville with some question marks, still. He's got experience at the quarterback position but was a second team all-state linebacker, so he's just keeping all of his options open.

"I like hitting people. I bounced around. I can play safety in passing situations. If I needed to help stop the run, I'd stop the run. But I'll try out at quarterback at the start of camp, and I'll go wherever they need me.

One thing is for sure though, becoming a Pioneer seems to be the great decision.

'They saw a chance in me. I love the atmosphere and small-town vibe. I know there's not a lot to do, but I love hunting and fishing, so I think I'll fit in right there," Burgess said.

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