North-South Classic: Blankenship to play in both games

Jonathan Blankenship will represent Tug Valley in both the North-South football and basketball events this weekend.

Times have changed around Tug Valley. Not only is the basketball team consistently doing well in the postseason, but the football program is also too.

Now four seasons in a row, Panther football has been among the final sixteen in Class A, with Jonathon Blankenship being a big reason why.

Blankenship was a 2017 Class A First-Team All-State Utility Player, meaning he did just a bit of everything.

"I just did whatever it took for my team to win: cornerback, receiver, running back, quarterback, whatever it took, as long as I was helping I was good," Blankenship said.

And under Head coach Tony Klusky's direction, Blankenship was a central piece of a rising program.

"Coach Klusky turned things around. They went from winning one or two games a year to making it to the playoffs all four of my high school years," Blankenship said.

But Tug Valley's play on the court hasn't diminished either. Blankenship also aided Tug to the semifinal round of the state basketball tournament. His exceptional play on the court awarded him another similar honor. He's going to be the only player who's playing in both the North-South football game Saturday, but also play in the North-South basketball game Friday evening. No doubt it's a busy week for one of the state's top athletes.

"I'm glad I can jsut represent Tug Valley and be the best athlete I can be," Blankenship said.

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