Countdown to Kickoff (Calhoun): Paul Parsons takes over Red Devil football

Calhoun County will be under its third head coach in three years this season as former Red Devil Paul Parsons takes over.

MT. ZION (WCHS/WVAH) - When the 2017 high school football season opens for Calhoun County, the Red Devils will possess their third different head coach in as many seasons. Change always brings optimism, not to mention a huge turnout of players. The abundance of athletes could bode well and lead to a nice turnaround from last year's 1-9 season.

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Former Red Devil Paul Parsons is the new leader for his alma mater. A standout in the '90s, Parsons is proud to be running the show of this program.

"Worked hard this year in the offseason," said Parsons. "With the guys it's kind of a fresh start. A lot of community support, coaches support. Pretty well revamped everything from right down to the uniforms. Had a lot of support from guys outside the community. Fresh start this year."

Running the offense for the Red Devils is Adam Parsons, the son of thehead coach coach.

"He was a second string quarterback last year," said the Devil head coach. "He's a sophomore. He knows a lot of plays inside and out. Added on since middle school. He'll be running the helm on that part."

Caden Hicks is a player who will be counted on heavily when the Red Devils have the ball.There's plenty of talent up front to get things going offensively. And for the first time in a while, depth is something Calhoun County might actually enjoy.

"I think we've got a good team. Average on the front O-line is 220," said senior lineman/linebacker Riley Holcomb. "Our backfield is pretty meaty. I think we'll do pretty good."

The depth will be needed to deal with another challenging schedule.

"When you talk about the LKC, credit to those coaches and the players in the LKC," said Parsons. "You're talking about teams right here locally who were ranked with St. Marys winning the state title."

While changing coaches once more, the players are exicted with the appointment of Parsons.

"I've known him pretty much my whole life," said Hicks. "Growing up as a kid. Pretty good guy. Pretty good coach. Coach knows a lot about football."

The Parsons era of Calhoun County football begins August 25th against Wirt County.

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