Multiple blasts reported at flooded Texas chemical plant

Multiple blasts reported at flooded Texas chemical plant. (ABC)

Two "pops" and black smoke were reported early Thursday morning at the Arkema facility in Crosby, Texas, according to Harris County Sheriff's Office.

In a Facebook video posted by the sheriff's office, the sheriff says this incident is not an explosion but some of the containers in the facility are "popping."

According to a tweet by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, several deputies were taken to the hospital after inhaling fumes.

The chemical plant is about 25 miles northeast of Houston.

Earlier in the week, law enforcement and fire department crews worked to evacuate people living within 1.5 miles of the facility.

On Wednesday night the company issued a statement saying some of the materials at the facility can be unstable unless refrigerated.

Sources said because of the flooding in the area, the power at the plant was lost and knocked out the emergency backup refrigeration systems.

The plant’s CEO Rich Rowe said there is “no way to prevent an explosion” and that any fire will resemble a large gasoline fire and be very explosive and intense.

"There is a small possibility that the organic peroxide will release into the flood waters but will not ignite and burn," the company said in the statement.

For more information on the Arkema facility and the potential effects on nearby residents, click here.

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