Cat missing for two months in Wisconsin found in Florida

Nadia the cat at its home Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016 in Sheboygan, Wisc. The 2-year-old Russian blue escaped from Cheri Stocker's Sheboygan home on Christmas Eve, where it disappeared until showing up this week 1,484 miles away in Naples, Fla. (Phil Bock/The Sheboygan Press via AP)

It takes about 22 hours to reach Florida by car for a person traveling from Wisconsin.

But if you're a cat, the 1,484-mile journey likely takes closer to two months. At least that's how long it took Nadia, the Russian blue, to trek from her home on a snowy December day to sunny Naples this week where animal officials helped find her owners.

The Naples Daily News reports Cheri Stocker adopted the cat nine months ago in Wisconsin. On Christmas Eve, the cat escaped.

A Naples woman found the kitty in North Naples.

Workers at an animal shelter found the cat's microchip and, through a pet relocation service, got hold of Stocker's sister, who had been listed as an emergency contact.

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