Yeager crash site monitored to check for possible fuel leakage in Elk tributary

West Virginia American Water said it is working with emergency officials to monitor for possible fuel leakage into an Elk River tributary. (WCHS/WVAH)

West Virginia American Water said it is monitoring the fatal crash at Yeager for the possibility of fuel leaking from the airplane and reaching a tributary of the Elk River, but the spill has been contained and there is no indication any has affected the water supply.

A spill report has been submitted to the agency’s spill report hotline regarding the potential for fuel to reach a tributary of the Elk River, according to a news release from the water company. The monitoring of the situation follows a plane crash at Yeager in which two people were killed.

Earlier, state environmental officials deployed booms and absorbent materials in a ditch to mitigate the spill from reaching the river. The water company said officials from the DEP, Kanawha County and Yeager Airport confirm that all fuel has been contained, and they have no indication that the fuel has reached any tributary of the Elk River.

The water company is maintaining contact with Kanawha County emergency responders, the state DEP and the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health about the situation.

Company water quality staff are collecting water samples near the crash site to analyze using advanced analytical equipment.

The treatment plant’s continuous source water monitoring panels have detected no changes in water quality.

As a precaution, West Virginia American Water has activated its powdered activated carbon feed and deployed additional booms around the treatment plant intake, the water company said.

The company said it will continue to closely monitor the situation in coordination with emergency response and public health officials. The situation does not warrant any drinking water advisories at this time.

Yeager Airport said it has hired Clean Harbors, a local environmental cleanup company, to help control and clean up any spill of aviation fuel, hydraulic fluid, or other materials caused by the aircraft crash. The airport said in a news release there is no evidence that fuel or hydraulic fluid has spilled in to any waterways at this time.

Yeager Airport Director Terry Sayre said the airport will be closed at least until Saturday. The National Transportation Safety Board said investigators are expected to arrive at the airport 5 p.m. Friday.

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