Woman attacked on Charleston's West Side speaks out

Teresa Arthur Moore, 65, recovers from injuries she suffered in the attack at her home on Charleston's West Side.(WCHS/WVAH)

Charleston police have arrested a 41-year-old man they said attacked a woman Sunday morning in her home.

Russell Slater of Charleston was arrested Monday evening. Police said he broke into a home about 10 a.m. in the 700 block of Park Avenue on Charleston's West Side, attacked the woman in the residence and stole a loaded handgun.

The 65-year-old woman attacked in the home invasion burglary came home Monday from the hospital. She spoke with Eyewitness News about the brutal attack. People have been stopping by and visiting Teresa Arthur Moore all day.

"I appreciate everybody coming by and what they did," Moore said to a friend who stopped by Monday evening at her West Side home.

Moore has lived on the West Side most of her life and in her home on Park Avenue for 40 years. She never expected an attack to happen like it did Sunday. Moore said the attack happened quickly, and she thought it was her husband coming in the door. He left moments before to attend church.

"I saw this black coat just like my husband had on standing in the door, and I thought it was him because I didn't have my glasses on," Moore said.

Seconds later, she realized it wasn't the man she loves but an intruder.

" 'I'm going to kill you b****. ' Oh yeah, that was the first thing he said to me," Moore said.

Moore said the man hit her multiple times.

"All I saw was that crowbar come up and boom. He brought it down over my head," she said.

Moore was hit in the head about three times. Blood was pouring down her face. Moore said she then put her arms up to protect herself and attempted to move near her chair where her gun was.

"He knew what I was doing and grabbed it at the same time I did," she said.

Pointing the gun at her, Moore said the man told her, " 'I am going to kill you b****. I am going to shoot you.' "

The man then grabbed her purse near the front door and left, but the purse was empty, only a few papers inside. Moore changed out her purse the day before.

"He's a dumb you know what, to steal a purse with nothing in it," Moore said with a laugh.

While Moore laughed about it, she said she is lucky. She has no broken bones, only bruising on her face and arms.

"I knew that guy wasn't going to kill me," she said. "That is a state of mind. You know when the Lord is with you."

Moore said she will not live in fear, or let this crime move her from her home.

"If that didn't scare me, I don't know what would," she said.

Moore said she is thankful for all the support from the community along with the first responders.

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