Winfield Middle School teacher wins $25,000 education award

Erika Klose, a science teacher at Winfield Middle School, speaks Monday after she receives a $25,000 Milken education award. (WCHS/WVAH)

A Winfield Middle School teacher is $25.000 richer.

Erika Klose, a science teacher at Winfield Middle, is a recipient of the Milken education award. She was presented the honor during a ceremony Monday.

Klose who was a geologist before turning to teaching has received praise and several awards over her 12-year career and started student clubs for mapping and coding.

Klose said she hopes her students will follow in her footsteps and go into the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

“Speaking as a scientist as a woman, I talk about my scientist friends -- many of whom are women -- and they see that science is a career,” Klose said. “That is a possibility for all of them, the girls and guys, of course.”

Klose is this year's only Milken award recipient from west Virginia. About 45 awards are given out every year.

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