Winfield Middle School student charged with having weapon on school property

Winfield police say a Winfield Middle School student has been charged with taking a weapon on school property. (WCHS/WVAH)

Winfield police said a Winfield Middle School student has been charged with having a weapon on school property.

Capt. Kevin Young, the police resource officer at Winfield Middle School and Winfield High School, said a vice principal on Monday morning found the gun, which had a bullet in the chamber, in the 11-year-old boy’s backpack.

The boy had been in class and asked to go to the restroom. When he did not return, another student was sent to check on him and he could not be found in the restroom.

A crossing guard reported seeing the boy crossing Route 817. The vice principal went to check on the boy and found the gun in the backpack, Young said.

The boy told officials he was going across Route 817 to go to a convenience store to get items for lunch.

Young said they are still investigating on why the boy had the loaded gun in his backpack.

The student left the campus in the care of his parents.

It was unclear what disciplinary action he will be facing.

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