Winfield High School students sign pledge to make safe decisions over Christmas break

Winfield High School students sign pledge to make safe decisions over Christmas break. (WCHS/WVAH)

Some Winfield High School students made a committment on Thursday, promising not to drink alcohol and make destructive decisions over the holiday break. However, for one student his committment is personal.

Malaki Castle, a junior at Winfield High School is one of dozens of students to make a Safe Holiday Pledge. "My family has been affected really bad by drugs and alcohol," said Malaki.

Winfield High School's Students Against Destructive Decisions Club sponsored the effort. By signing their name for the Safe Holiday Pledge, students become part of the Chain of Life on the club's Tree of Life. The pledge is something Malaki wanted to make. "I think it's because I've seen my family do so much and make so many bad decisions I don't want to be like them. I want to be better," said Malaki.

Those that take the pledge get a reminder of how to be safe. "I guarantee there will be several people that will possibly drink and drive or text and drive that is also common. It bothers me because I love everybody here at this school. I just want everybody to be safe," said Lauren Shilot, President of Winfield's SADD Club.

"There's no motivation to stick to a name on a piece of paper, so really the committment goes beyond that and it goes to one, how am I going to impact my classmates and two, how am I going to set myself up to succeed," said Nathan Polk, a senior at Winfield HIgh School.

Malaki says he's planning to stick to his committment. "I know there's going top be lots of people that are going to try and pressure me into that kind of stuff especially since I am in high school, but I am going to try my best to stay by it no matter what," said Malaki.

The Tree of Life and Chain of Life are expected to be taken down in January, but organizers hope students will remember their committment for many years to come.

A recent survey from Mothers Against Drunk Driving shows one in three teens has been a passenger with a driver who has been drinking alcohol in the past year.

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