West Side neighbors get first look at comprehensive team plan

West Side Neighborhood Association members get a first look at the comprehensive team report presented by the West Virginia Bad Buildings program. (WCHS/WVAH)

For the past year, the West Side Neighborhood Association has worked with the West Virginia Bad Buildings program. Bad buildings stands for brownfields, abandoned, and dilapidated. Neighbors collected data and information on dilapidated buildings on the West Side. They surveyed the area to point out what areas needed the most help.

West Virginia Bad Buildings then took the data collected and comprised a comprehensive team report to present to the West Side Neighborhood Association.

"There is so much pent up desire to help," neighborhood planner John Butterworth said. "To me, that means everything. People are not hopeless. They are not looking down at their feet about this. They are looking up and looking at solutions."

On Thursday, the West Virginia Bad Housing program presented the first draft of the plan to community members. Neighbors also got the chance to add to the plan, and voice concerns about what other areas can be addressed.

"I would like to see more businesses coming in," West Side resident Richard Patrick said. "On Washington Street especially. There are too many abandoned buildings."

The plan is not finished yet. Program officials will be adding on to it as they receive more input from the community.

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