Voters react to Davis’ retirement, Supreme Court impeachment proceedings

On Monday, the House of Delegates voted to approve four articles of impeachment against against Justice Robin Davis. (WCHS/WVAH File)

Thousands watched Tuesday morning, as Justice Robin Davis announced her retirement from the West Virginia Supreme Court. On Monday, the House of Delegates voted to approve seven articles of impeachment against Justice Allen Loughry, four against Davis, three against Justice Margaret Workman and one against Justice Elizabeth Walker.

"I deliver this statement today in dismay, disbelief, and in sadness," Davis said.

To many voters, her motive was clear.

"Justice Davis sacrificed herself so that we could have an election instead of appointments," said voter Katy White.

"The people need to pick who's representing them in the supreme court," said retired teacher Debbie Kelps.

It was a decision that allows West Virginians to be heard this November, but to many voters, it's too little too late.

"But, then again, she should have thought about the taxpayers when spending that money," said Stephanie Green of Charleston.

That money, Kelps said, may have come in handy as educators and other public employees took to the picket line.

"The teachers were out on strike, and meanwhile, this money was being wasted in offices of individuals that could have been taking care of PEIA and the teacher salaries," Kelp said.

Others are questioning the entire impeachment process.

"Loughry should have been impeached, and Menis Ketchum, but I'm not sure the other justices deserve to be put out," White said,

As for Davis' speech itself?

"I was disappointed. I was disappointed that she didn't take responsibility and that she put it back on republicans, saying they're not doing their due process,” Green said. That accountability is just one of the changes she hopes to see in state government moving forward.

"I can't imagine any branch not having someone overseeing their spending," Green said.

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