Volunteer Group Holds First Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For Bridges Project

A project aimed to build bridges for West Virginia residents had its first ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday in Lincoln County.

This bridge built for the Plumley family. It's the first bridge built as part of a project from "West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster."

Members of the family lost their bridge earlier this year because of flooding. Kevin Sneed, West Virginia flood insurance coordinator, said 307 bridges were destroyed in declared disasters throughout the year.

The group and other agencies are planning to build a series of bridges for residents who have lost theirs during flooding. They said families don't have many options of getting home otherwise.

"If the water gets high, they have no way of getting across, so this is huge for these people," Sneed said. "It just cuts a lot of time and effort off of them and it'll save a lot for these people. They really needed this bridge."

The WV VOAD bridge project is the only one of its kind in the nation.

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