Volunteer agency starts work on damaged bridge for family dealing with medical condition

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The Dailey family's bridge washed out from flooding last April, and now, thanks to a volunteer agency, repairs are under way.

Not only has this family had to deal with their son Caleb's medical condition, as he can have 10 to 12 seizures any given day, they've also had to worry about a bridge to their home.

"It'll be a lot safer and everything, that we will be able to cross it without having to worry anymore. I've prayed and prayed and prayed that it hasn't went in," Dailey said.

Having a way out is critical to get Caleb to a hospital at a moments notice.

The group called West Virginia Voluntary Active Disaster, also known as VOAD, stepped in to help.

Joe Arbaugh is one of the volunteers working on the Dailey's bridge.

"We put some giant oak 6 by 6's in about 3 feet long and kept stacking them to make a foundation for some jacks and then we put some big jacks under there and lifted the bridge about two feet," Arbaugh said.

The bridge was dropping into the creek every water rose.

When Mary Dailey first met with VOAD, she mentioned her neighbor's bridge as well.

"It's been a double blessing for us as well as him," Dailey said.

Workers are wrapping up the neighbor's bridge, while they start the work on the Dailey's.

"It's sad that we don't always have the money to do the things we'd like to do an a lot of times people don't realize how important a good foundation is. The foundation really has to go far back in because this can be a really violent creek," Arbaugh said.

VOAD looks at the financial needs of each family.

To see if you qualify, call 304-235-2692 extension 1121.

The organization is also looking for volunteer agencies. Call the same number if you can offer your help.

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