Vinyl record store to open in the Elk City District later this fall

Elk City Records is set to open later this fall. It will strictly sell vinyl records.

Phil Melick can often be found thumbing through old records, in the basement of his home. But, the thousands of records sitting in bins, aren't just collecting dust. Melick has plans for them.

Soon, he will be taking all of them to his new store on the West Side.

"I've always one day wanted to be in the position where I could semi-retire and open a record store,"said Melick.

The former lawyer is opening Elk City Records on Washington Street West this fall.

It will strictly sell vinyl records, that Melick has been collecting for the past year.

Melick says his rented space beside Bully Trap Barber Shop is the perfect location.

"They don't have to sit over there and wait. They can come over here and browse, instead of waiting in the barber's chair."

His neighbors at Bully Trap are glad to see yet another business pop up, in what's becoming one of the fastest growing areas of Charleston.

"It's good for the neighborhood. It's the kind of progression we need to see," said Michael Fizer, a barber at Bully Trap.

Melick says, his store isn't only good for Elk City, but for all of the Capital City.

"We can all benefit each other. I'll certainly know how to tell people to get to Budget or Sullivan's. And I hope they tell people how to get to Elk City Records."

Melick will also sell records online, most of them for less than $15.00.

Although there's no official date set for a grand opening, Melick is hoping the store will be ready in about two months.

Melick is still seeking out vinyl records that are in good condition. You can reach out to him at or shoot him an email at

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