Vigil held marking one year anniversary since Huntington shooting death

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    Some people in Huntington commemorated a somber anniversary with a candle light vigil, and a mother is spoke out tonight for the first time about who she lost that day.

    Dozens of people gathered at Ritter Park Friday night to remember Josh Martin.

    The scene is still fresh inside the minds of many who knew Martin.

    It's the spot he was shot to death a year ago today.

    "It's just been. It's all a blur. From the very initial words that I got," Martin's mother, Tammi Clements said.

    Martin's mom Tammi Clements said the hurt has never gone away.

    Dozens of Martin's friends and family gathered Friday to mark the anniversary of his death.

    Clements said it means the world so many people came to mourn.

    "It just makes me know that he was exactly who I thought he was. He was just a terrific person," Clements said.

    The man accused of killing Martin, Micah Lemaster, is expected to claim self-defense at trial.

    Police said Martin may have been high on hallucinogenic drugs and was beating on Lemaster's door naked in the middle of the night.

    Initial reports said Lemaster shot through his door hitting Josh Martin. Martin then jumped off the porch; Lemaster pursued him into the street and then shot him to death,"

    Martin's loved ones released balloons in his honor.

    They said no matter how he died, he will live on with them.

    "I think this says a lot about him as a person that so many people still talk about him non-stop throughout the year," Martin's friend, Karima Neghmouche said.

    "I just hope that my baby gets his justice that he deserves," Clements said.

    Micah Lemaster is facing murder charges. His trial is scheduled to begin in May.

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