Victim in worst case of elder abuse Charleston police say they have seen dies

Charleston police say the victim in worst case of elder abuse they have seen dies. (WCHS/WVAH)

An elderly woman who was the victim in one of the worst cases of elder abuse Charleston police said they have seen has died.

Charleston police said Judy Quesenberry, 75, died several weeks after her daughter, Peggy Quesenberry, was arrested and charged with neglect of an incapacitated adult.

In March, police said Peggy called 911 about her mother having shortness of breath and loss of appetite. When paramedics got to their Crestlyn Drive home, court documents said they found the house in unlivable conditions. There was trash piled waist high throughout the home and feces on the floor. Paramedics said there were bugs everywhere in the residence and the smell of the home was nauseating.

When paramedics found Judy, the complaint said she was semi-responsive and was lying in her bed covered in feces and urine. When they tried to move her, they said she was bonded to the blanket on the bed and her head was stuck to her arm. She had severe bed sores on her right side.

Judy was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital with several conditions including severe sepsis, dehydration, multiple areas of skin breakdown, respiratory failure and pneumonia.

According to a criminal complaint, Judy had not seen a doctor or other medical professional for about eight years. CAMC General said her last hospital visit was in 2003.

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