Tri-State Bible College host recovery coach training to help counsel drug addicts

Grace Fellowship International of Tennessee conducts recovery coach training at Tri-State Bible College. (WCHS/WVAH)

Recovery coaches are an important part of helping someone kick their drug addiction. Saturday morning Tri-State Bible College in South Point, Ohio sponsored training for the community on how to be a recovery coach, because many people have been impacted by the issue of drug addiction.

"I've known people. I've known friends. I've had colleagues. I've had people that my heart breaks for because they feel like the only escape is to try and get high," said Garrett Wheeler, a Senior at Tri-State Bible College. Eventually he hopes to be a staff counselor at a church. IN the meantime he's taking part in the Recovery Coach Training Seminar being conducted by Grace Fellowship International of Tennessee who help religious organizations with counseling training.

"A type of equipping so people can help others in a way that will help them overcome addiction. Sometimes that is done informally as a friends helping another friend, and sometimes it's through people in the helping professions," said Dr. John Woodward, Director of Biblical Counseling at Grace Fellowship International.

He says being a recovery coach involves listening and helping someone identify why they are making destructive decisions to cope with life. "It's hard in the sense that we would like to make decisions for people, but often there's a process of someone realizing they need to take responsibility," said Dr. Woodward.

"It's a problem people are hurting. People are feeling pain that they try and mask with drugs," said Wheeler.

With the drug problem not going away anytime soon, Dr. Woodward says recovery coach training sessions become even more important. "As the addiction problem has become an epidemic in our society, we realize that churches need to be relevant and to be more equipped and informed to help others in a practical way," said Dr. Woodward.

Dr. Kevin Bloomfield, President of Tri-State Bible College says they hope to add drug addiction counseling to their curriculum to help the community with the issue.


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