Thousands of KY teachers rally at State Capital in support of education

Thousands of Kentucky teachers rally at State Capital in support of education. (COURTESY: Missy Conley)

Thousands of Kentucky teacher gathered at the State Capital in Frankfort in support of education, because many worry about the future of education in the state. The crowd stretched from the entrance to the capital, all the way down the steps to Capital Avenue. More than 30 school districts, including some in Eastern Kentucky called off school Friday so teachers could be at this rally.

"We ain't scared!" chants the crowd.

"We've been accepting of the cuts they have taken before. We've done more with less. I spend a fortune out of my pocket every year and enough is enough," said Merry Berry, President of the Eastern Kentucky Education Association.

"Rise up above the wave," sings a performer at the rally, which is what organizers want teachers to do as the battle against education cuts continues.

"I'm happy to see all the people that are here supporting this. I think we should be doing other things but we need to be right here today," said Carla Bailey, a Johnson County teacher. She was part of a group of Johnson County educators at the rally. "Without the proper funding for what we do it's scary to think about what our future holds for us,' said Richard Hackworth, a Johnson County teacher.

Teachers did get something they wanted, an override of Governor Matt Bevin's veto of the Tax Bill. The Budget Bill is another matter. While teachers are not happy with both bills, they say they can live with both. House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins of Morehead disagrees.

"No I can't. No I can't. I don't think they do what we need to do in Kentucky. I think we can do better,' said Representative Adkins, D-House Minority Leader.

The battle for education is far from over. Teachers say those lawmakers who voted against education are on their radar screen and they promise to remember in November.

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