Suspicious package sent to hotel in Boone County

West Virginia State Police respond after a suspicious package was received Thursday at the Hotel Madison in Boone County. (Courtesy Photo)

West Virginia state troopers spent Thursday afternoon investigating after a bomb scare was reported at Hotel Madison in Boone County.

Troopers said the hotel owner called to report a strange package with a political message was sent to her from California. She told investigators she had received threats before, and was not expecting a package.

Troopers evacuated customers and employees at nearby Ma and Pa's Barbecue restaurant as a precaution. Clara Bender told Eyewitness News it was an unexpected twist to their usual busy lunch hour.

"My first thought was, 'Oh no, what happened now?' " Bender said. "We had heard about the pipe bombs and the suspicious packages going around. It was frightening. We never expected that something like that would happen here."

Troopers said there was no threat found, but with politically charged and dangerous packages being delivered across the country precautions have to be taken. Investigators found political books and paperwork inside the package. A bomb technician examined the package and deemed it safe.

Troopers said if a package seems out of the ordinary, it is best to call 911.

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