'Super Cohen' being honored at Ronald McDonald House's McGala on Saturday

Cohen Bramlee, 5, will be honored on Saturday at McGala. (Photo Courtesy: Carrie Bramlee)

On Saturday, hundreds of people will come together to honor the heroes who make the work of the Ronald McDonald House possible.

From the volunteers to the families who stay there, McGala is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the charity that is calling this year's event "Heroes Among Us."

"I tell him all the time you know, 'There's people who say you're their hero!' And he's like, 'Really?' " Carrie Bramlee said of her son, Cohen.

At just 5 years old, it's hard for Cohen to comprehend how super he really is.

"He thinks Superman, Batman and so it's hard for him to still understand. He's just Cohen, and he's just doing what he has to do," Bramlee said.

Cohen's entire life has been a medical journey filled with countless challenges and no clear answers.

"Currently, he doesn't have a definitive clinical diagnosis. However, the doctor's at this point are calling it an immune dis regulation disorder with intestinal failure," she said.

All attempts to feed Cohen have resulted in violent vomiting and intestinal bleeding. His body struggles fighting infections. Just two nights ago, he went into septic shock.

"Everything that is nourishing him goes through an IV line. It's called a central line. It's inserted in his chest," she said.

Right now, Cohen is fighting another infection at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, but he is not fighting alone.

"I consider them part of our team. We have our medical part of our team, but the Ronald McDonald House is more of a support part of our team," Bramlee said.

The staff at Ronald McDonald House has great admiration for Cohen and his family.

"Cohen's got such a great spirit; his family is such a great spirit. He's a true superhero to us all," Ronald McDonald House Executive Director DeWayne Dickens said.

Cohen and his family will be honored at Saturday's McGala at Embassy Suites. His story serving as a strong reminder why the Ronald McDonald House is essential to countless families such as the Bramlees.

"You're introduced to families who may not share the same journey, but they understand the process and the day you're going through," Bramlee said.

A home away from home that isn't possible without the support of everyday heroes.

"Without the participation from the public, without their support, we couldn't do all this for families," Dickens said.

Tom Flaherty, a lawyer in Charleston, also will be honored at the event for his dedication to the charity.

For more information on how to purchase a ticket for McGala or to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, click here.

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