St. Albans newest celebrity walks on four legs and has a large belly

    Pig Pig is the newest celebrity in St. Albans. (WCHS/WVAH) <p>{/p}

    St. Albans' newest celebrity is turning out to be a lawbreaker.

    "He is a trespasser, he destroys property, steals garden stuff, defecates in people yards and runs naked in the streets even around schools," attorney Shane Snyder said.

    Snyder said there is a criminal running around the streets of St. Albans, but this lawbreaker doesn't look like most. It sits low to the ground, has a round belly and likes to hog all the food.

    "We happen to look up, and there is a pig on the side of the hill, it's not something you see every day," Vicki Donato said.

    Donato said she doesn't know if it's a boy or girl but said a black pig has been spotted around town for three weeks. It's known as "Pig Pig."

    Pig Pig has been spotted all around town from the Green Valley area to the high school track and even the Hansford Center.

    "I seen him up there and over there once too," Alex Donato said.

    This attention hog even has his own Facebook page, "Pig Pig of St. Albans." The page is run by Snyder who volunteers as an animal rescuer. He said tracking this swift swine down is a challenge.

    "More people see big foot on a daily basis than people who see Pig Pig," said Snyder. "The people that see Pig Pig, he disappears as fast as he is seen."

    Vicki Donato agrees with Snyder.

    "It's fast, we tried to chase it down and catch it, and I didn't realize it was that fast," Vicki Donato said.

    Snyder said they've come close to catching Pig Pig. On Thursday Pig Pig went to a home on Hampshire Drive and stole deer food, rescuers were able to corral him in a yard, but Pig Pig snuck through a hole in the fence.

    "He got to the fence line and then pranced into the woods," Snyder said.

    Donato said the adventures of Pig Pig have been a shining light in the community.

    "It's been good entertainment. It's something positive. She hasn't hurt anything; I'm afraid she is gonna get hurt."

    Snyder said people should not chase Pig Pig when they see him, but post on the Facebook Page.

    Rescuers said they have a forever home lined up for Pig Pig once he or she is caught and rescuers hope the family will continue the Pig's Facebook page.

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