Small Business Saturday has special meaning in Hurricane


Small Business Saturday is this weekend. It's a time to encourage shoppers to shop small businesses in their area. The day takes on a unique meaning in one Putnam County community.

Welcome to Main Street in Hurricane, where one thing is clear as you look down the street at the storefronts.

"On Main Street in Hurricane we like to attract the small businesses, the ones that sole proprietor owns," said Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards. He says since the city began focussing on that part of town five years ago, the goal has always been to create a small town atmosphere. "It's not as much the hustle and bustle that you might see in big box stores. People see each other. They know each other," said Mayor Edwards.

"We don't view ourselves as competing. What we view is that we want to provide a unique experience for folks," said Karen Workman, owner of Hidden Creek Merchantile. She opened the business on Main Street in Hurricane last May, offering unique items she says that are not found in chain stores. "We've had visitors in here from New Zealand, Japan, Canada, England and all across the United States, and they're coming because they hear about us already and they want to take home something that is local and locally made," said Workman.

"Small business you know where it came from. You know who made it. You can shake hands with the person that made your items," said Matt Snyder, owner of Bear Wood Company on Main Street in Hurricane.

That in turn develops community relationships, keeping in mind that small businesses are right around the corner and open throughout the year.

Mayor Edwards says more signs directing people to main street will be going up in the near future, adding the city has more plans to further develop that part of town.


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