Skate park improvement moves forward in Huntington

The $148,000 skate park construction contract bid needs to be approved by Huntington City Council before it becomes final. (WCHS/WVAH)

People could always hear the iconic sounds of ollies and grinds at Huntington’s Harris Riverfront Skate Park where dedicated skaters like Caleb Kratzer master their tricks.

“I really just love the community that comes along with it,” Kratzer said.

He’s been skating for six years, but his skating at the riverfront hasn’t been common.

“It’s not all the time I come here,” he said, “but that’s because it’s not that big.”

The park moved one step closer to getting much bigger Monday thanks to the Huntington City Council Finance Committee.

Scott Lemley, Huntington’s Director of Development and Planning, has been overseeing a 2,500 square foot addition proposal that would add three new fixtures like a quarterpipe and volcano.

“This is a promise that was made a long time ago to the skating community,” Lemley said.

The Finance Committee forwarded the $148,000 construction proposal to full council consideration, and it will likely pass there. A Community Development Block Grant has already been allocated to fund the park.

“(It has) already been approved through council previously,” Lemley said. “So there’s no city funds going directly to this.”

Kratzer said he hopes it passes for skaters like him.

“I think it would bring a whole lot more kids out here, get them involved in the community and actually get kids outside," he said.

Lemley said, if Huntington City Council passes the proposal in two weeks, the construction should be completed by late October.

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