Sightings of masked man wielding a machete causing concern in Kanawha County

A picture of a man walking around with a machete is causing a buzz on social media. (Jeremy Caldwell)

A picture of a masked man walking around with a machete is causing a buzz on social media and concern for some people in Kanawha County.

While some think it's fake, the man who saw it said he knows what he saw, and even has pictures.

Along a quiet part of Childress Road is where Jeremy Caldwell of South Charleston said he saw a man wearing a mask and twirling a machete.

"It looked like he was out of a movie," Caldwell said.

Caldwell and his brother thought they saw things at first Saturday evening when they drove by a man wearing a hat and jumpsuit with machete in hand. The pair turned around and drove by again to get a better look.

"He has a green jumpsuit on, a machete, white tennis shoes, a mask, a chain around his neck and a black hat," Caldwell said .

Caldwell called 911 and reported the odd experience.

"He was walking back and forth for awhile," Caldwell said while on Childress Road. "The four times that I had seen him, he was walking between here and about 100 feet from here."

Kanawha County sheriff's deputies came to the area, but the man was gone. Sgt. Sean Snuffer said the office had received calls about the Facebook post, but they don't think there is an immediate threat.

Caldwell said he doesn't live far from that area and it worries him to leave his family alone.

"I am always frightened about what can happen to them when I am not at home, and we want to keep this area as clean as possible. He may be out just to scare people, but then again you don't want to take the chance. You want to be aware and ready," Caldwell said.

The Kanawha County Sheriff Office said it's important if you see anything or anyone suspicious to give the office a call right away.

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