Road slip causing dangerous issues for Clay County drivers

Drivers dodge the massive slip along Hartland Road in Clay County Thursday afternoon. (WCHS/WVAH)

Some Clay County residents are calling for action after having to drive a dangerous road every day.

Drivers who live along Hartland Road say their commute has become a risky ride full of dodging and swerving.

"I don't want anyone to die before this road is fixed," Beth Roth-Kuhn said. "We feel fear and frustration that nobody wants to come fix it until we have something like this."

A major slip in the road has caused a giant hole in the pavement. Residents said it has grown so much the West Virginia Division of Highways' construction barrels have fallen down the side of the hill.

"What if you're driving by there and the road starts slipping more?" Mona Williams said. "Your car is going to go with it."

It's a fear they face daily just leaving their homes. The narrow path is now barely wide enough to creep through.

"It's worse with two kids who are young," Amy Samples said. "What if something happens and they need an ambulance? What if any emergency happens for that matter?"

DOH officials said Hartland Road is involved in a paving project currently contracted out by West Virginia Paving. The DOH said the slip is scheduled to be fixed within the next couple of weeks. Neighbors are just hoping it is a permanent fix after years of a fearful commute.

"Before you know it, it is going to come down," Beth Ross-Kuhn said. "It is a scary thing. We aren't on the main road. They don't worry about us until last."

If the road becomes impassable families will have to travel more than 20 miles out of their way just to get into town.

"It would be such an inconvenience. You have to worry about going to work and to the store. We are worried about a lot of things."

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