Residents concerned over Hurricane road's condition

Neighbors along Linda Street in Hurricane are fed up after they say the condition of the road is getting dangerous. (WCHS/WVAH)

Neighbors along a Hurricane road said they are fed up because the condition of the road is getting dangerous.

Two giant slabs of concrete shifted on Linda Street in Hurricane, causing worry for those living along it.

"If the other side goes down, we don't have a way in or out," said Carol Adkins, who lives along the street.

While one lane is open, Adkins is scared of what can happen.

"My fear is it's going to collapse, and if I am in it and I get torn up, the city will have to pay for my car and me," Adkins said.

City officials said the culvert below the road has collapsed. It's caused the street to buckle.

Marie Blankenship drives down Linda Street three times a week to take care of a family member.

"Over the last month, I've noticed it was sinking further and further," Blankenship said. "Yesterday morning a garbage truck came down here, and it (the street) went, and this side over here is already cracking."

Blankenship said Linda Street has been caving in since August.

"It needs to be fixed and its needed to be fixed yesterday, not in the future," Blankenship said.

Hurricane City Manager Ben Newhouse said they are aware of the problems on Linda Street and understand the concerns of the neighborhood. They are working to fix the issue but have run into some issues.

Newhouse said they have ordered the part to repair the street, but it's not arrived yet. He added there is one lane open and that is safe for traffic. Newhouse said the city's been dealing with issues like this, all year, all over the city and it's taking time to fix them all.

But Adkins who drives on Linda Street daily hopes to see repaired soon.

"I know a lot of things come up within the city that are a priority to this, but with elderly people living on the backstreet and on the side street nearby it, it should be a top priority," Adkins said.

Newhouse is hoping to have Linda Street repaired by the end of December.

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