Records show supreme court justice spent thousands moving items from capitol to home

    Receipts show Justice Allen Loughry spent thousands of tax payer dollars moving furniture from the capitol to his home. (WCHS/WVAH)

    Since November, Eyewitness News has been chronicling the West Virginia Supreme Court’s spending on furniture, vehicles, travel, lunches, fancy dishware, and many other items.

    Newly uncovered details Justice Allen Loughry, a couch, and a desk.

    In December, we told you about a historic Cass Gilbert desk which was removed from the capitol and taken to Loughry’s home. The Eyewitness News iTeam also discovered Loughry had authorized the movement of a sofa from his chamber to his home to make room for a $32,000 blue couch that has been featured in numerous iTeam investigations.

    Thanks to a Freedom of Information request, we have found the receipts covering the movement of the furniture.

    In December 2012, before Loughry had officially taken his position as a Supreme Court Justice, the court hired Young's Moving Service out of Cross Lanes to move the Cass Gilbert desk to Loughry's home. Other furniture was moved to the court's warehouse in Kanawha City.

    The total cost of that move was $1,603.25.

    Then, six months later on West Virginia Day, June 20, when the capitol was closed for the holiday, more furniture was moved from Loughry's chambers.

    Again, some went to the court's warehouse, but one item was taken to Loughry's house. That was the couch Loughry claimed after it was left behind by another justice.

    The cost of the West Virginia Day move was $836.40.

    The total cost of the two furniture moves, which included taking the desk and couch to Loughry’s home was $2,439.65.

    Five years later, after the iTeam revealed that Loughry had those items at his home, he commissioned state workers to remove them and take them to the Kanawha City warehouse.

    Loughry has declined to comment on his office furnishings since our initial report ran last November.

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