Putnam elementary students collect food for church program

Stduents at George Washington Elementary School in Eleanor weigh the food they collected as part of the contest between classes. (WCHS/WVAH)

Putnam County elementary students are helping their community, and having some fun in the process. George Washington Elementary students have been collecting food for the past two weeks, and Tuesday morning was the **food weigh-in**.

The food collected is for the weekend Snack-Bag Program at Eleanor Presbyterian Church. The program gives nutritional snacks to needy students who may not have enough to eat at home over the weekend. Administrators say about 40 of those students attend G.W. Elementary.

"It feels very heart warming just to know when your at home people that usually don't get much food have food," said Cameron Wallace, a 5th grader at George Washington Elementary.

The Lighthouse Team, made up of students came up with the idea to help the church's Snack Bag Program where each class collected food as a contest.

"We wanted to give to the Presbyterian church for doing back pack snacks for students," said Gabe Moore, a 5th grader at George Washington Elementary.

"The thing that makes it so nice and special is it comes from the kids, and it's for the kids," said Debbie Yeager. She oversees the Snack-Bag Program at Eleanor Presbyterian Church. She says the need for nutritional snacks for students reaches beyond George Washington Elementary.

"The addition of the food from the food drive helps us tremendously. We're able to go longer and keep the food going," said Yeager.

Students even worked during the teachers strike collecting food. The winning class gets a yogurt party, but perhaps the biggest prize is knowing fellow students won't go hungry.

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