Public hearing scheduled for education reform bill

Roger Hanshaw made the request Thursday in a letter to House education committee chairman Danny Hamrick and finance committee chairman Eric Householder. (West Virginia Legislature Website)

West Virginia's Republican House speaker is requesting a public hearing on a complex education bill.

Roger Hanshaw made the request Thursday in a letter to House Education Committee Chairman Danny Hamrick and House Finance Committee Chairman Eric Householder. The hearing will be 8 a.m. Monday in the House Chamber.

While the committees hear from experts on questions related to the bill, Hanshaw said the public hearing will "allow those on the front lines of our education system to weigh in."

Some opponents say the Senate version of the bill passed Monday is retaliation for last year's nine-day teachers' strike.

The House version would remove a provision to require teachers to sign off annually on union dues and a clause that would invalidate the entire bill if any part is struck down.

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