Powerball Fever is alive and well in Putnam County

Convenience stores get a boost in business with Powerball Mania. (WCHS/WVAH)

Powerball Mania is sweeping across the country with Wednesday's jackpot sitting at $700-million. While people know their chances of winning are extremely slim, the fact is someone will eventually win, so it might as well be you.

"Play this set of numbers for tonight," said Gayle Christian to the convenience store clerk. She usually lets the computer choose her Powerball numbers, but not today. "I played it in Kentucky so I got the same numbers. I have a plan," said Christian.

The plan for some is play as a group and split the jackpot. "For this one we have 11 tickets. I put in for an office pool. We all go in together," said Louria Nester of Teays Valley.

Convenience stores across the region have seen an increase in business because of the Powerball jackpot, but for one convenience store in Putnam County their increase is for a unique reason related to the Powerball jackpot. In 2002 Jack Whittaker brought his winning Powerball ticket worth $314-million dollars at what is now the Mid-Valley Mart in Hurricane.

"People feel that luck could rub off on them,' said Osh Assi, Owner of the Mid-Valley Mart, adding Powerball Fever is great for business. "The boost in business starts at $400-million dollars. That's when we start seeing more sales and more people coming in," said Assi.

With Powerball ticket in hand, how lucky are people feeling? "Very lucky. We're gonna win. I just know it," said Nancy Smith of Hurricane. "I just won $7 last week, so it may be my lucky day," said Jaime Meeks of Hurricane. "I'm not a lucky person, but there's always hope. Somebody has to win," said Nester.

You can't win if you don't buy a ticket. If there is no winner in Wednesday's drawing, the next drawing on Saturday could break the record jackpot of $1.6-billion set in January of 2016.

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