Portable classrooms ready for Herbert Hoover High School students

New portable classrooms are set up for Herbert Hoover High School students to start school on Monday, after June 2016 floods ruined the school. (WCHS/WVAH)

Herbert Hoover High School students will start class in a new setting this year after the floods last June ruined the school.

Piece by piece, people in the Elk River community have been putting their lives back together. Now, the normal will begin for Herbert Hoover students. They will start school on Monday in new portables and teachers think the students will be impressed.

The new classroom portables are all ready to go. Teachers have been getting them ready since Tuesday.

Herbert Hoover Huskies will finally have their own classrooms this school year after the deadly floods ripped through the school in June 2016.

"Everybody is really excited to have their own space, to be back on a full day. We're just really excited about the start of the school year," said Mike Kelley, the principal of Herbert Hoover High School.

The school was destroyed and with no place to go last school year, Hoover students shared the Elkview Middle School building, meaning each school could only go half a day.

But now Hoover teachers are ready to teach students in the brand new portables on the middle school parking lot all day.

"It's super nice, it's a super nice temporary situation and hopefully in a few years when we get to our new school this will be a part of our history but it's going to be a little bit of a memory, it's just a little blip on the screen,” said Meleah Fisher, the school’s band director.

That memory still stuck in Fisher's mind when instruments, uniforms, music sheets were ruined in her classroom.

"We lost everything, I lost everything, there was over 7 feet of water in my room. I'm here at the school more than I'm at my home, I just sleep there and that was my last normal spot and it was pretty tough," Fisher said.

But strangers from all over stepped in to help by donating items to the band and other teachers.

"As terrible the devastation was, there was such an outpouring of help and it was really hard. You didn't know what to accept, what not to accept and the thing we ran into we didn't have anywhere to put anything,” Fisher said.

They are putting the final touches on their new place to call home and they will always be Elk River strong.

"I think we just moving forward. I've said it about this community and I've said it about the kids... that every time they get knocked down, they get back up and keep moving forward and getting into these portables is just another step toward the ultimate goal, which is a new high school,” Kelley said. “We are going to get there, it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.”

Fisher said sometimes out of tragedy "awesome things happen and I think that's going to happen in our community."

An open house will be held Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. for parents and students. They will get schedules and tour the portables. Classes begin Monday morning.

Kelley said contractors will still be doing little projects around the portables for the first month of school.

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