Man accused of killing, dismembering body charged with murder

Police arrest Argie Jeffers in connection to the death of a woman whose body was found dismembered in the Guyandotte River. (WCHS/WVAH)

Huntington police have arrested a man in connection to the death of a woman whose body was found dismembered in the Guyandotte River last September.

Police arrested Argie Jeffers Wednesday night and charged him with murder and concealment of a body.

On Saturday, Sept. 23, Carrie "C.J. Wood" Sowards' dismembered body was found by a fisherman in the Guyandotte River near the Guyandotte boat ramp. During additional searching, Huntington police discovered more remains of the 40-year-old woman. Sowards was eventually identified by tattoos and fingerprints.

At the time, police said the cause of death was due to an "act of violence." The medical examiner said Sowards had suffered a shotgun wound to the upper body, according to a criminal complaint.

After obtaining a warrant, detectives searched Jeffers' home at 4701 Riverside Drive and found evidence of a "major bloodletting incident."

Detectives then interviewed Jeffers. He told police he and Sowards had a volatile relationship and that they had been in an argument the last time he had seen her.

On Wednesday, a man called Cabell County 911 and told dispatchers that Jeffers asked him to discard some buckets at a trash bin at the Eighth Avenue Car Wash, the complaint said. The man said he didn't feel like the buckets were supposed to be discarded and after looking in them, he saw body parts.

The complaint said Jeffers told the man the buckets contained drugs that were stolen by Sowards and that is what got her killed.

When police arrived at the scene Wednesday, they found what appeared to be human body parts and a head in the buckets. The complaint said the parts were consistent with the missing parts of Sowards' body.

Jeffers is being held in the Western Regional Jail without bond.

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