New details emerge in escape of inmate from South Central Regional Jail

New details emerge in the escape of Todd Boyes, an inmate at South Central Regional Jail. (WCHS/WVAH)

Escaped South Central Regional jail inmate Todd Boyes had to clear four secure doors at the jail before walking out the front door of the facility, said Lawrence Messina, spokesman for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety.

Messina said immediate steps will be taken to move Boyes to Mount Olive Correctional Center, the state’s maximum-security prison, once he is sentenced on charges relating to a police chase that injured a Charleston officer. Boyes still has to be extradited back from Texas.

Boyes has a hearing Thursday morning in front of a Texas judge just days after U.S. border patrol agents caught him trying to swim from Laredo, Texas, to Mexico.

Authorities said Boyes’ mother, Robin Helton, picked him up a few hours after his Wednesday morning escape from the McDonald's at Southridge Centre. She is accused of driving him to Texas and giving him $2,000. Police said she told State Police she would do it again because he is her son.

Messina told Eyewitness News Tuesday that the jail was over capacity by dozens of inmates and one in three correctional officer positions at the facility are vacant. Right now, four correctional officers remain on unpaid leave but have not been criminally charged.

"It really is way too soon to determine whether any of these officers bear responsibility regarding this escape," Messina said.

Messina also said Tuesday that the pants Boyes was wearing when he escaped came from the kitchen at the jail where some inmates perform duties, but Boyes was not believed to have been assigned any of those trusty duties. They are still unsure where he got the jacket.

New audio also has been released when emergency officials first learned that Boyes was missing from the jail nearly 40 hours after he was missing.

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