Netflix show 'Tidying Up' sparks surge in donations to local non-profits

Netflix show 'Tidying Up' sparks surge in donations to local non-profits (WCHS/WVAH)

Businesses at local non-profits across the tri-state are seeing a surge of donations this time of year and employees say it's thanks to a popular new Netflix show.

"It's just gained so much popularity, you see her everywhere, I know the books have been published in 42 languages," Goodwill Industries of KYOWVA Director of Marketing, Gina Browning said. "We're definitely seeing a slight increase over last year."

Browning said there's been an uptick in donations after the popular show 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' debuted on Netflix in January.

The show revolves around Kondo going to people's homes to help them declutter their lives, something that's now impacting the tri-state in a positive way.

"The whole premise of it is to hold everything you own and if you don't feel joyful, if it doesn't spark joy or serve a purpose in your life you should get rid of it," Browning said.

Browning said it's possible the "Kondo Effect" is responsible for the quick uptick because typically January and Feburary are slower months for donations.

"Overall it's down because people start to do spring cleaning and that's where we really see the boost," Browning said.

With each purchase made at the non-profit, Browning said 87 cents of every dollar is returned to fund their mission services and goes back into the community. The trend not only helping non-profits around the world but also families in need.

"Everything that everybody ever brings into our stores helps to give somebody else a job or an opportunity because that's what we're trying to do here is help people overcome," Browning said.

Donations are accepted during normal business hours Monday-Friday. To view other ways to donate, click here.

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