Murder victim's legacy remembered by friends and family

Kafredrick Mceachin was shot multiple times Tuesday at the Huntington Mart gas station on Hal Greer Boulevard in Huntington. (Alexis Murphy)

Kafredrick Mceachin died violently Tuesday.

He was shot multiple times in broad daylight along Hal Greer Boulevard in Huntington.

Emotions ran high at the scene and were still weighing heavy on friends and family Friday.

"It's done,” Mceachin’s mom Carolyn said, “my child is gone."

She remembered her son as a generous energetic young man who gave back to his community coaching youth football at the A.D. Lewis Center one block from where he died.

His team rallied in his support, and his fellow coach Kevin Byrd said he'll never be forgotten.

"If things look like they can't go the way you want them to go, you know he's going to be right there in your heart and mind saying ‘you know you got this. Why you tripping?” Byrd said, “That's Bae Bae."

There is one kid Mceachin loved the most though, and that is his three-year-old daughter Kinsley.

"He loved his daughter and wanted what's best for any and everybody," Kinsley’s mom Alexis Murphy said.

Murphy refuted claims made by Kafredrick's accused killer Antwon Starkey.

"I shot him twice," Starkey said in a jailhouse interview Wednesday.

Starkey blamed Kafredrick for a late November shooting that injured his 14-year-old stepdaughter.

"For my family, it's worth it,” Starkey said, “I don't regret nothing."

Murphy said Kafredrick was home with her and Kinsley the whole night.

"Regardless of what anybody got to say, the good was that man," Byrd said.

Kafredrick's mom said she wanted her son's legacy to be more than trophies, or lessons learned on the football field.

She wanted an end to the violence.

"If you want to leave something for his legacy, violence isn't one,” Carolyn said, “that's not what he would want. Death is infinite. There's no coming back from that."

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