Multiple Heroin Overdoses Reported In Kanawha County Over Weekend

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Multiple heroin overdoses were reported over a deadly weekend in Kanawha County. In one case. police said a South Charleston couple died from what appeared to be a heroin overdose and the victims were discovered by their children.

South Charleston police told Eyewitness News that a bad batch of heroin is a misnomer. They said there is no good heroin, but whatever is being sold out there apparently claimed several lives over the past few days.

Sunday emergency workers responded to a house along Village Drive in South Charleston. Inside they found the bodies of Ray Austin Pulliam and Amanda Pulliam, both 35. There were three children in the home.

Emergency workers first thought it was carbon monoxide poisoning, but there was none of the colorless, odorless gas. Instead, they said inside they found syringes and a spoon, the works for shooting up heroin. Police said it was ruled an accidental overdose death.

The deadly drug also gets the blame for other area crimes. Police said the problem is countywide and has led to the creation of a special task force, but that has not stopped the overdoses.

Keep checking with Eyewitness News for more on this story as it develops.

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