Morrisey raises more money than Manchin in latest period, but Manchin has bigger war chest

Democrat Joe Manchin leads Republican Patrick Morrisey with the total amount of money on hand in their U.S. Senate race, but Morrisey brought in more money during the latest financial reporting period. (File Photos)

Money doesn't always translate into votes, but getting out a statewide message takes dollars.

The latest finance report shows Republican Patrick Morrisey with a recent edge in fundraising but not enough to offset what incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin has already raised.

The latest fundraising numbers available cover to the end of September for U.S. Senate candidates Manchin and Morrisey.

We're talking millions of dollars raised and spent by just these two candidates and that doesn't include money spent by political action committees independently of the candidates. We're talking about control of the Senate here, the U.S. Senate – not a cheap date.

The latest federal campaign finance reports show that Morrisey, the West Virginia attorney general, raised about $1.84 million in the quarter that ended Sept. 30. He beats the $1.52 million picked up by Manchin in the same time period.

But with the election close to over (early voting starts Oct. 24) Manchin still has a $4.2 million war chest. Morrisey only had about $1.6 million on hand, giving the dollar advantage to the incumbent Democrat.

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