More than a dozen services to be taxed in Kentucky

Car repairs is one of more than a dozen services contained in House Bill 366 to be taxed in Kentucky after the House and Senate overrode Gov. Matt Bevin's veto of the bill. (WCHS/WVAH)

Kentucky residents will soon be paying a tax on services such as dry cleaning, landscaping, janitorial and auto repairs. It's part of the Tax Bill (House Bill 366) about to become law after the Legislature overrode Gov. Matt Bevin's veto.

It will soon cost more to get your vehicle repaired in Kentucky. Lawmakers have added a 6 percent tax to the cost of repairs.

"It's another way to pull money out of people," Bob Howard of Wurtland said.

Jane Triplett, manager of MTW Tire in Ashland, has a less than enthusiastic reaction.

"Oh no, here we go. There's some more fees," said Triplett of the Kentucky Legislature's new tax on more than a dozen services in the state.

Triplett said it's a cost they will have to pass on to customers.

Howard called the situation "just hopeless. They're going to do it and there's not much you can do about it."

Roman Garrett, a customer at MTW Tire, said everything is going up economically "so that is what we have to deal with."

What bothers Triplett is some may put off needed car repairs because of the additional cost.

"There's some repairs that are more important than others. Some aren't just maintenance repairs. Sometimes you are talking about things that can cause accidents out on the road," Triplett said.

Crossing state lines to pay less may not work in these new taxes. When it comes to auto repairs, West Virginia and Ohio, for example, already have a 6 percent sales tax on repairs, and the cost could even be more if a municipality has its own tax.

"Probably have to do more of it myself," Howard said.

The new tax on services is expected to generate $400 million in revenue over the next two years. It takes effect July 1.

Services to be taxed in Kentucky according to House Bill 366.

* Campgrounds

* Landscaping

* Janitorial Services

* Small Animal Veterinary Services

* Pet Care Services

* Industrial Laundry Services

* Dry Cleaning

* Linen Supply Services

* Indoor Skin Tanning Services

* Non-Medical Diet and Weight Reducing Services

* Fitness/Recreational Sports Centers

* Golf Courses/Country Clubs

* Bowling Centers

* Skating Rinks

* Health Spas

* Tennis Courts

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